• December 28, 2016

Table of Contents for Sample Provisions

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Table of Contents for Sample Provisions

    1. “As-Is” Condition (FREE)
    2. Access and Indemnity Agreement (PREMIUM)
    3. ADA Compliance (FREE)
    4. Antenna (PREMIUM)
    5. Architect’s Fee Indemnity Agreement (Pre-Lease Execution) (FREE)
    6. Asbestos “Happy Sad” Compromise Language (PREMIUM)
    7. Basic Bathroom Work (PREMIUM)
    8. Basic Sprinkler Work (PREMIUM)
    9. Basic Tenant Work (PREMIUM)
    10. Burndown of a Security Deposit | Burndown of a Letter of Credit (“LOC”) (FREE)
    11. Business Operating Conditions (PREMIUM)
    12. Casualty Clause Carve-Out (Pro-Tenant) (PREMIUM)
    13. Cleaning by Landlord (PREMIUM)
    14. Cleaning for Retail Restrictions (PREMIUM)
    15. Condemnation or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Carve-Out (Pro-Tenant) (PREMIUM)
    16. Conduit Usage (PREMIUM)
    17. Contractor’s Full Release and Waiver of Lien (PREMIUM)
    18. Contractor’s Partial Release and Waiver of Lien (PREMIUM)
    19. Early Access (PREMIUM)
    20. Early Termination (PREMIUM)
    21. Estoppel Certificate (FREE)
    22. Exclusive Use (PREMIUM)
    23. Exculpation of Landlord (FREE)
    24. Exhaust System (FREE)
    25. Failure to Give Possession (Pro-Landlord) & Outside Date Language (Pro-Tenant) (PREMIUM)
    26. Failure to Open for Business or to Operate (PREMIUM)
    27. Foreign Jurisdiction | Consent to Jurisdiction Language (FREE)
    28. Fuel and Utility Cost Escalations (PREMIUM)
    29. Gross Up of Operating Expenses: Base Year and Any Calendar Year (Pro-Landlord) (PREMIUM)
    30. Gross Up of Operating Expenses: Base Year (Pro-Tenant) (PREMIUM)
    31. HVAC System Maintenance Contract Requirement (FREE)
    32. Landlord Representations as to Ownership, Use, Zoning, Mortgages and the Certificate of Occupancy (PREMIUM)
    33. Leasing Mixed Bag of Catch-All Lease Insertions (Generally Pro-Landlord) (PREMIUM)
    34. The Letter of Intent (“LOI”) from Semi-Hell (PREMIUM)
    35. Lien Waiver Requirement (PREMIUM)
    36. Limited (“Good Guy”) Guaranty (PREMIUM)
    37. Moisture and Mold Memorandum (FREE)
    38. Monetary Default Notice Provisions (PREMIUM)
    39. NDA “Commercially Reasonable Efforts” Request (PREMIUM)
    40. Operating Expense Definition Exclusions (PREMIUM)
    41. Performance and Payment Bond (PREMIUM)
    42. Permitted Occupant-Space Sharing Arrangement (PREMIUM)
    43. Pro-Tenant Assignment & Subletting within a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (PREMIUM)
    44. Pro-Tenant Space Sharing within a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (PREMIUM)
    45. Quiet Enjoyment (PREMIUM)
    46. Real Estate Tax Base Reduction (PREMIUM)
    47. Real Estate Tax Escrow (PREMIUM)
    48. Relocation Clause (PREMIUM)
    49. Re-Measurement within a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) (FREE)
    50. Renewal Option (FREE)
    51. Rent Acceleration (PREMIUM)
    52. Rent Auto-Deduct Language (FREE)
    53. Right of First Offer (PREMIUM)
    54. Right of First Refusal (PREMIUM)
    55. Security Deposit (PREMIUM)
    56. Shopping Center “Centric” Provisions (PREMIUM)
    57. Subcontractor’s Full Release and Waiver of Lien (PREMIUM)
    58. Tenant Decorative Work Carve-Out and No Removal Obligations (Other Than Specialty Alterations) (PREMIUM)
    59. Tenant’s Early Access to Take Measurements and Prepare its Construction Documents (PREMIUM)
    60. Use Restrictions (PREMIUM)

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