Certificate Programs

Exponentially accelerate and enhance your CRE learning curve.

Leasing REality Certificate Program (32-Hour) and Leasing REality Advanced Certificate Program (48-Hour)

Designed for students and real estate professionals alike who possess an unquenchable thirst for commercial leasing intelligence and value-added negotiation strategies.

Whether you are a student seeking a foundation of knowledge to jump start your real estate career track, a broker in pursuit to master the ins and outs of the lease, a seasoned professional aspiring to take your game to new heights, or a firm looking to onboard new hires and/or train current employees, the Leasing REality Certificate Program provides an easily navigable training path to help users reach their full business potential – whatever that may be.

Access to Leasing REality Certificate Program (32-Hour) and Leasing REality Advanced Certificate Program (48-Hour) included with a subscription.

Certificate Programs Overview

Certificate Programs created by AGMB Training Center Ltd.

A New York Department of State Continuing Education Provider

Hello my leasing brethren. I hope all is well.

If you are new to commercial leasing – whether a high school, college, graduate or law student or even an owner, tenant, aspiring or emerging real estate professional – congratulations and welcome, you have come to the right place.

Throughout Leasing REality’s breakdown for aspiring and emerging Lease Guru program, you’re going to learn a little – well I should say a lot – about what DJ Khaled might call the “Major Keys” and what the legendary Michael Jordan and Larry Bird both preached and relentlessly practiced during their iconic careers to make themselves so great beyond their given talent, namely that of mastering the fundamentals. As basic as it may sound, MJ’s line about that if you “Get the fundamentals down, the level of everything else you do will rise,” is nothing short of the truth.

If you take the line about how you get to Carnegie Hall to heart – you know, “Practice, practice practice,” soon you will be able – with Leasing REality to guide you – to Master Your Leasing Domain. Our engaging format, where we often use rock and roll, hip-hop and pop culture references as learning mnemonics, is designed to exponentially accelerate your commercial real estate leasing learning curve. You will get to choose from no less than ten different platforms as to how, when and in what educational dosage you choose to not only build a foundation of leasing knowledge, but to ultimately excel in applying the fundamentals you will acquire.

Throughout our aspiring and emerging Lease Guru program, you will learn the most crucial aspects of commercial leasing from all seats at the negotiating table.

In the Beginner Stage, we’ll provide you with an overview of the commercial leasing process, and the early stages of the process itself, such as the key players, their various mindsets and mantras, Leasing REality’s “Portable” Negotiating Theories, and a tenant’s and broker’s guide to space searches and the process of relocating or securing new space.

In the Intermediate Stage, we’ll discuss the most important clauses contained within a lease, as well as crucial concepts to help you better navigate the leasing process.

In the Expert Stage*, we’ll conclude our program with the more nuanced clauses contained within a lease, while also providing you with years of insight, so that you too can become a leasing guru. So my friends, whether you are wearing your student, broker, owner, tenant, architect, property management, contractor or dare I say it, your real estate attorney hat, buckle up for the real estate ride of your life. Until then, always know that I’ll be by enjoying the ride by your side, just a click or two away to guide you and lend a helping hand.

*Please note that the Expert Stage is within the Leasing REality Advanced Certificate Program (48-Hour). Access to the Leasing REality Advanced Certificate Program (48-Hour), an additional 16-Hour course, will be granted to users who score a 75% or above on the Leasing REality Certificate Program (32-Hour).

Subscribers who have subscribed to Leasing REality via the Groups of 10 or More Subscriptions option have the ability to track the progress and growth of group members. Group leaders please email info@LeasingREality.com to setup this feature.

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